“Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services” - (my business) = I \'Have Other\'s
Back\' therefore > Other\'s = free time = win-win.

"Forward Positive thinking goals into conscious living" - Jeff Morris. And I am a 10 year
Techie / Tech - oriented.

I can be found / you can find me - anywhere on the web/internet by searching ie:
Google me: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tribe.net and VAST
ETC elsewhere on web/internet. It\'s all about the (key word\'s) you type \'in\'.

Think about it like this, I AM, a great investment.

$10 / hour with (2) / hour minimum, Cash, no going on any payroll or pay in / by check (s).
I give and exhibit more in exhibited work performance and \'know - how\' experience on
and of any number of thing\'s. It\'s the quality of my / the - work thereof, not the money /
compensation reaped / earned, that essentially sets me apart from other\'s out there
charging WAY more, and don\'t do nearly as much and / or are dedicated as I am.  

I ask for (24)/hr. advance notice as to plan my commute to clientele (per / via:  
http://www.metro.net); exhibit business and professional attitude, detail oriented and take
pride in the work that I am given, but I am quick about it, thus, I get the job done right the
first time. All clientele must supply OR already possess / have on - site location item\'s for
any tasks or duties to be carried out by me -

Driver\'s License: Class C - (Automatic, not manual transmission); and - as my \'Focus\' is on
NOTHING ELSE but driving.

This is my over (9) year sole proprietorship, independent contractor business (May 2005 -
current / present) - "Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services" business.

TASKS / SKILLS / EXPERIENCE: And I am a 10 year Techie / Tech - oriented.

Light industrial, Forklift Certified, Operated powered and non powered Pallet Jacks, UPS
on-line, Shipping and Receiving, Inventory and Rotating Stock, Re-Stocking, Loading and
Unloading vehicles, Entry Level General Office (filing, phones, misc) and Customer Service,
as well as Entry Level Graphic Web Design, computer / PC project\'s using (ie: Windows 95 /
98 / 2000 / XP / Windows 7; and minimal Mac and Linux usage / (Microsoft Word, Internet,
email), and Basic / Elementary Spanish and American Sign Language. As well as odd job\'s:
housecleaning, mover\'s assistant / helper, minimal yard work, minimal laundry, washing
(dishes / vehicles), groundskeeping, janitorial.

I\'ve also done TV / Film background scene work as well as interned on various student and
independent low - budget film / video production projects, performing various production
department - (PA) assisting, such as craft service\'s - snack and between main meal\'s table)
and boom operator - (long stick with microphone on end to pick up sound, spoken voice\'s,

Also I can do house and pet sitting, organizing, ETC, MISC.

So amidst a pre - discussion, question is: \'What do you need done, completed, been
wanting to get around to but haven\'t (yet) or would like to have done and/or completed?

ADDITIONAL (on me): I care about and am deeply passionate with progressive growth,
teamwork (if needed) and exhibit professional / business - oriented attitude, as well as
have a deep passion and utmost, utter respect for business and customer service, as
well as customer satisfaction.

I got over (9) year\'s of satisfied clientele; (some needing one-time service, while other\'s -
periodic / occasional service). And whether housecleaning, which has seemed to be my
most requested, though I do as well tasks\' such as (cleaning out garage of ? & moving out
to curb for city to pick-up), mover\'s helper (loading/unloading of moving truck);

I do whatever reasonably in undertaking, carrying-out, following-thru and/or completing.
AND I always seek to go extra mile my clientele; not because of given compensation, but
because I expect myself to over-exceed clientele\'s expectation\'s. So please, let me know
if I can help you.

My respectively confided clientele is comprised of men, women, and of various
backgrounds\'; my only key thing is \'be on the real\' when I give my all and post request
compensation (=) win-win situation. God bless. Here to please, over-achieve, complete
and excel unto my fullness, unto the best of my ability.

Live-in / Housing Barter Work Services arrangement (optional).

Even as it seems \'Barter\' and \'Sharing\' economy is on rise and becoming more of the
‘norm’, ie: “Can’t we all just get along”, and / or misc..

My Traits: Agreeable, Caring, Communicative, Compassionate, Competent, Dependable,
Easy Going, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Introverted, Kind, Neat, Open, Opinionated, Quiet,
Rational, Sensitive, Simple, Spiritual, Talented, Trusting.

And also for review:

My YouTube video: http://youtu.be/-9pobyszgsc

OR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9pobyszgsc
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